Joint Center for Housing Studies


The Joint Center for Housing Studies offers grants of up to $5,000 for Harvard graduate students working with faculty members on research, courses, and other projects related to housing, community development, or related urban issues. 

Faculty members can use the funds to pay graduate students who are working on faculty research projects, on independent research projects supervised by faculty members, or on new courses, labs, studios or other projects. While the money primarily should be used for compensation, up to 20 percent can be used for other expenses such as data acquisition or travel for field research.

Recipients are expected to produce a final product, which could be a short paper, case study, course syllabus, planning framework, design portfolio, or multi-media presentation. This work should be completed within a year of spending the money. If appropriate, the work also will be shared with the broader community in a variety of ways, through publication, public presentation, blog posting, or online presentation.


Click here to download an application form. Please note that applications must be submitted by a faculty member and should include the form as well the CV for the faculty member and, if applicable, the student's transcript and CV.

Members of the Joint Center for Housing Studies Faculty Advisory Committee will review the applications to assess the project’s relevance, clarity, and feasibility. Awards will also be made with the goal of funding a diversity of topics, methodologies, and academic disciplines. Preference will be given to faculty who have not previously received this award. Recipients will receive their funds in June 2019 and should use them by July 1, 2020.

For more information, please contact David Luberoff, Deputy Director at or by phone at 617-495-9850. 

Applications are due by Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

Current and Former Fellows/Grantees:
2020: Brianna Castro
2020: Jasmine Olivier
2019: Abigail Mariam
2019: Ethan Raker
2018: Joseph Wallerstein
2017: Hope Harvey
2017: Alix Winter
2016: Jimmy Biblarz
2016: Brielle Bryan
2016: Jared Schachner
2016: Adam Travis
2016: Tom Wooten
2011: Holly Wood (Paper Prize)
2007: Cassi Pittman