Washington Center for Equitable Growth Grantees

Washington Center for Equitable Growth considers proposals that investigate: the consequences of economic inequality on individuals’ economic outcomes and labor market dynamics, as well as group dimensions of inequality; the causes of inequality to the extent that understanding these causal pathways will help us identify and understand key channels through which economic inequality may affect growth and stability; and the ways in which public policies affect the relationship between inequality and growth. Equitable Growth requests proposals in four core areas: macroeconomic policy; market structure; the labor market; and human capital, as well as other topics directly related to inequality and growth.

Equitable Growth funds a wide range of activities, including researcher salary and benefits, research assistance, data purchase, and costs associated with conducting experiments or participating in professional conferences. Grants cannot cover indirect overhead. Academic grants are typically in the $25,000 to $100,000 range over one to three years. Doctoral/postdoctoral grants are funded at $15,000 over one year.

Previous Equitable Growth grantees include:
2019: Angela Lee - The Gender Wealth Gap in the United States
2017: Barbara Kiviat - Prediction and Moral Order
2017: Nathan Wilmers - Unions, managers, and monopolies: How concentration and managerial power contribute to rising wage inequality
2016: Blythe George - Those jobs ain’t coming back: The consequences of an industry collapse on two tribal reservations
2016: Beth Truesdale (with Christopher Jencks) - The effects of income inequality on health disparities in the United States