Ph.D.s on the Job Market

Information about our Ph.D. candidates and recent Ph.D.s who are now on the academic job market.

PhDs on the Market

Yanhua Bird

Yanhua Zhou Bird

(Organizational Behavior)
Ph.D. Date: May 2020 (Expected)

Dissertation Topic: Strategic Downward Selection: Evidence from a Peer-to-peer Platform Market
Dissertation Committee: 
Julie Battilana (Chair), Ya-Wen Lei, Christopher Marquis, and Michael W. Toffel
Research Interests: entrepreneurship and social innovation, corporate non-market strategy and sustainability, organizational theory and economic sociology
Teaching Interests: strategic management, entrepreneurship and social innovation, business sustainability, emerging market

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Anny Fenton

Anny Tazio Fenton

Ph.D. Date: May 2019
Dissertation Title: Sex and the Pediatrician's Office: Using the HPV Vaccine to Explore How Sexuality Shapes Healthcare Experiences and Medical Decision Making
Dissertation Committee: Jason Beckfield (Chair), Alexandra A. Killewald, and Tey Meadow
Research/Teaching Interests: Medical Sociology, Sexuality, Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Families, Inequality, Science & Technology Studies, Culture, Healthcare, Social Policy, Mixed Methods
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Outcomes Research & Evaluation, Maine Medical Center Research Institute... Read more about Anny Tazio Fenton

Kelley Fong

Kelley Fong

(Sociology & Social Policy)
Ph.D. Date: May 2020 (Expected)
Dissertation Topic: Child Protective Services and Families Facing Adversity
Dissertation Committee: Bruce Western (Chair), Robert J. Sampson, Jocelyn Viterna, and William Julius Wilson
Research/Teaching Interests: Poverty and inequality; social policy; children, youth, and families; sociology of education; deviance and social control; qualitative and mixed methods
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Blythe George

Blythe George

(Sociology & Social Policy)
Ph.D. Date: March 2020 (Expected)
Dissertation Topic: Tribal Lands, Tribal Men, Tribal Responsibilities: How Fathers with Criminal Records Find Work On and Off-Reservation.
Dissertation Committee: William Julius Wilson (Chair), Mario L. Small, Alexandra A. Killewald, and Megan Comfort
Research/Teaching Interests: Tribal communities; Unemployment; Prisoner Reentry; Concentrated Disadvantage; Rural Poverty; Neighborhood Effects; Qualitative Methods; Database Creation & Management; Social Policy; Urban Sociology; Race & Ethnicity; Contemporary Theory

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Hope Harvey

Hope Harvey

(Sociology & Social Policy)
Ph.D. Date: November 2018
Dissertation Title: Experiences of Doubling-up among American Families with Children
Dissertation Committee: Alexandra A. Killewald (Co-Chair), Devah Pager (Co-Chair), Mario L. Small, and Kathryn Edin
Research/Teaching Interests: Poverty, Family, Housing and Neighborhoods, Social Support, Social Policy, Qualitative Methods, Quantitative Methods

Charlotte Lloyd

Charlotte J. Lloyd

Ph.D. Date: November 2019 (Expected)
Dissertation Topic: Managing Indigeneity, Cultivating Citizens: Reconciliation Action Plans in Australian Organizations
Dissertation Committee: Jocelyn Viterna (Chair), Bart Bonikowski, and Michèle Lamont
Research Interests: Citizenship, reconciliation and transitional justice, recognition, diversity and multiculturalism in workplaces and organizations, transnational development, intimacy and sex work, text mining and analytics, mixed methods
Teaching Interests: Research methods, computational social science (big data), cultural and political sociology, sociology of human rights development, sociology of gender and intimacy, sociology of organizations and work... Read more about Charlotte J. Lloyd

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