Founded in the 1930s, the Department of Sociology at Harvard has a rich tradition of fundamental contributions to social science. Whether the grand theory of Talcott Parsons, the social networks of Harrison White, or the urban inequality research of William Julius Wilson, every era in the department’s history has shaped social inquiry on an international scale.

Consistently ranked as one of the top sociology departments in the country, the Department of Sociology at Harvard is known around the world for its excellence in research and teaching. With just over 20 tenured and tenure-track faculty, the department offers a wide range of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to develop their research interests and ignite their “sociological imagination”.

We currently serve as the academic home for over 90 graduate students and over 160 undergraduate concentrators. The department values training in sociological theory and a wide range of research methods at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. We build on that core with course offerings in central substantive areas of the discipline.

The department enjoys a high level of collective intellectual activity, hosting over 10 workshops where faculty, graduate students, and visitors present current research. We also have an active department colloquium series.

We encourage you to explore our site to learn more about our faculty, students, and programs.