Graduate Society Merit/Term-Time Fellowships

Harvard Graduate Society Merit/Term-Time Fellowships allow outstanding Harvard GSAS students to focus their time on research, fieldwork, and writing. Applicants must have passed their General Exam and have an approved dissertation prospectus at the time of nomination, or no later than the beginning of the semester when the award is taken. This award is extremely competitive and requires departmental nomination. Typically 21% of the applicant pool receive Merit/Term-Time Fellowships. Students are allowed to apply in only one category of Graduate Society Fellowships in any given year. Recipients may only hold this award a single time. Students are not eligible for a Merit if they are receiving a full year of support from another source. During the award term, teaching is restricted to ⅕ (one section or the equivalent) with no other employment allowed

Past recipients include:
2019: Adam Travis
2018: Laura Adler
2017: Nina Gheihman
2017: Alix Winter
2016: Matthew Clair
2016: Tom Wooten
2015: Carly Knight
2015: Jasmin Sandelson
2013: Benjamin Sosnaud
2011: Megan Holland
2010: Chana Teeger
2009: Oana Dan
2009: Eunmi Mun