Study Abroad

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  • Photo: Jenna Gray '19


    Photo: Jenna Gray '19

Interested to learn more about study abroad? Please contact Danilo Mandic (A-L) or Shai Dromi (M-Z).

1. Visit the Office of International Education (OIE), 1414 Massachusetts Avenue, 3rd Floor, where the OIE staff will help you figure out where and how to apply for a program (applications are done through OIE).  Once you have been accepted into a program and if you are interested in receiving concentration elective credit for a study abroad course, you will be able to upload course syllabi through the OIE on-line system. The syllabi will be reviewed and up to two courses may be approved by the Sociology Department for concentration elective credit.

2.  If you plan to request concentration elective credit, a course must have substantial sociological content.  PLEASE REVIEW SYLLABI BEFORE REQUESTING SOCIOLOGY CONCENTRATION CREDIT!  The course should be sociological with respect to content and concepts, readings, and instructor specialization.

3. If you have questions about how study abroad fits with your overall plan of study please see your above adviser, based upon last name. Laura Thomas can assist you in determining how a semester abroad would impact your ability to fulfill concentration requirements

Please remember:

Students may be issued concentration elective credit for a maximum of two study abroad courses. The grades issued for these courses do not count toward your concentration GPA.  The courses will count, however, as pass/fail courses, and only two non-letter graded courses may be used to fulfill sociology concentration requirements. Study abroad courses may not be used for related field credit (although students with special circumstances should speak with the ADUS).