Need Help with the Basics of Stata?


This page offers guidance about how to undertake basic tasks of data management, statistical analysis, and data visualization using Stata software.  While Stata is only one package among many with these capabilities, it is widely used by both faculty and students in the Department of Sociology.


The documents to which you may link below are meant to serve as an introduction to Stata, or as a refresher/reminder for those who have not used it in some time.  They cover only its basic functionality, making no claim to being comprehensive.  Stata performs many other tasks.  As well, additional options and refinements exist for most of those tasks that are covered here.  This guidance is to get you started. Please note that the Harvard Statistics Consulting Service is also available for assistance:


If you need to know more about Stata than these documents cover, some sources that could be helpful (there are many others beyond these) include:


  • Help menus within Stata
  • Books such as Alan Acock’s A Gentle Introduction to Stata
  • A much more comprehensive website about Stata maintained by the Institute for Digital Research and Education at the University of California, Los Angeles:
  • The Department of Sociology’s Quantitative Fellow