Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

The Graduate Student Organization is a student-run organization serving graduate students in the department. It organizes social events to bring graduate students in Sociology together, provides programming to meet graduate student needs, and serves as a bridge between the graduate student body and the administration. GSO meetings are held periodically throughout the year.

GSO Executive Committee

The GSO Executive Committee is made up of those individuals serving in the other elected GSO positions including the Representatives on the Committee on Higher Degrees (2), the Graduate Admissions Committee (2), the Junior Faculty Search Committee (2 in years with a Junior Faculty search), and the Graduate Student Council (2). The Executive Committee is headed by the GSO President or Co-Presidents. In addition to their specific Department committee duties, these individuals are expected to attend GSO meetings throughout the year, adding their voices to discussions about GSO policy issues, and casting votes in GSO Executive Committee decision-making. In addition to representing the particular interests of the Department committees they represent (e.g., Prospective Student interests, etc.), the Executive Committee members are also the voices of the GSO ad-hoc subcommittees they oversee and the democratically chosen representatives of the current graduate student body and its interests. As the representatives of graduate student interests in GSO governance, GSO Executive Committee members are all selected through direct election by the GSO membership.

2020-2021 GSO Officers & Representatives

  • Co-Presidents: Cierra Robson and Kyle Waldman
  • Social Chairs: Nefara Riesch and Michael Zanger-Tishler
  • Committee for Engaged Sociology (on hiatus in 2020-21): Aaron Brennen Benavidez (Co-Chair), Abigail Mariam (Co-Chair), Daniel Alain Evrard, Aaron Berman Fernandez, Emily Irving, Cierra Robson, and Shira Zilberstein 
  • Committee on Higher Degrees (CHD): Allison Daminger and Lilly Yu
  • Graduate Admissions: Nino Cricco and Brian Xiao
  • Graduate Student Council (GSC) Representatives: Aaron Brennen Benavidez and Roland Neil (Sociology); tbd (Government & Social Policy/Sociology & Social Policy), and Emily Irving (Organizational Behavior)
  • Junior Faculty Search: N/A
  • Professional Development: Bok Teaching Fellow (by appointment): Derek Robey
  • Departmental Writing Fellow (by appointment): Sean Bock
  • Coffee Tsar: Sean Bock

The GSO has voted to endorse the Harvard Teaching Campaign's petition calling for a cap of 12 students per section. This proposed cap on section size bears significantly on teaching workload and teaching availability for graduate students. More information on the Harvard Teaching Campaign can be found here