Abigail Mariam

Abigail Mariam

Doctoral Student in Sociology & Social Policy
Abigail Mariam

Research Interests: Urban Policy, Homelessness and Housing, Poverty, Intersectionality of Urban Poverty and Race, Faith-Based and Community-Based Organizational Networks, Public Health Crises, Local Policymaking

Abigail Mariam is a Doctoral Student in Sociology and Social Policy. As a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, she pursued several research projects, culminating in her senior thesis entitled “Facebook and Frames: The role of social media in the Ethiopian diaspora mobilization of November 2013.” Her project focused on analyzing the role that social media played in facilitating a transnational protest within the Ethiopian diaspora in 2013. 

Prior to beginning her PhD program, Abigail was the Communications Coordinator and Housing Policy Assistant for Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson in Oakland, California. Abigail provided policy updates for the 5,000+ online constituents and community partners. She also helped design and conduct an assessment of existing services offered to those experiencing homelessness, the first of its kind for Alameda County.
Her current research interests include investigating the intersectionality of poverty, racism, and homelessness in cities experiencing gentrification. In addition, Abigail would like to study the role of community partners, in particular faith-based organizations, in developing local policies to address the challenges of urban poverty.  
Abigail was born in Apple Valley, CA.
Previous Degrees:
B.A. in Government with a minor in Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights, Harvard College, May 2015

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