Brianna Castro

Brianna Castro

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Brianna Castro

Research Interests: Social Effects of Climate Change, Resilience and Adaptation, Environmental and Climate Change Migration, Inequality, Development

Brianna Castro is a PhD Candidate in Sociology.  Her research interests include the social dimensions of climate change adaptation, environmental migration, climate change mobilities, and the interplay between individuals and institutions in resilience and adaptation planning.  Her dissertation research explores how people do (or do not) adapt to changing climate conditions and how institutional contexts impact people’s daily climate-related decisions in urban, peri-urban, and rural environments.  Her research sites include Montes de María, Colombia, coastal North Carolina, and Lagos, Nigeria.

Before graduate school, Bri served in the US Peace Corps where she implemented health, nutrition, and English education programs in rural Colombia.  She has also worked extensively with immigrant and migrant communities in North Carolina through research, the public-school system, and non-profit organizations.


Previous Degrees:
BA, Public Policy and Romance Languages (Spanish), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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