Concentration Requirements

The A.B. degree in Sociology requires satisfactory completion of 12 half-courses.
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Five Concentrations Requirements

  1. Introductory Series (one of Sociology 1000-1089). Lecture. (Offered fall and spring terms) Usually taken freshmen or sophomore year. **Note - Sociology has changed the numbering of our electives to four digits to comply with the Registrar's Office guidelines.
  2. Tutorial in Social Theory (Sociology 97). Seminar. (Offered fall and spring terms) An intensive introduction to classical and contemporary Sociological theory. Ordinarily taken sophomore year.
  3. Models of Social Science Research (Sociology 128). Lecture. (Offered spring term only) A lecture/discussion course on the logic and reasoning of sociological thinking. Ordinarily taken fall of sophomore year.
  4. Quantitative Methods (Sociology 156 or Stat 100/102/104). Sociology156 will NOT be offered AY 2019-20
  5. Junior Tutorial (Sociology 98). Seminar. (Offered fall and spring terms) Small research seminars offered by members of the department. Topics vary from year to year; efforts are made to place students in the tutorial of their choice (all tutorials are assigned via lottery). Ordinarily taken junior year, fall or spring term.


Five Sociology Electives

Students can choose from a wide array of topics and courses to fulfill their elective requirements.  Some students choose to focus their course work around a particular area of study.


Two Courses In a Related Field Or In Sociology

Courses count for related field if they have a course number in these departments: African and African American Studies; Anthropology; East Asian Studies; Economics; Government; History; History of Science; Psychology; Social Studies; Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality.  We will accept up to two related field courses for concentration credit.  Sociology courses can also be used for related field.  Courses that are cross-listed with Sociology may count for Sociology elective credit or related field credit.  You may double count one course for both primary and secondary field credit.

Students must receive passing grades (with the exception of Sociology 156 as noted above) for concentration credit. Students wishing to graduate with Honors in Sociology must, in addition, write a thesis (see Senior Thesis and Honors Requirements and Grades below).