Harvard Mellon Urban Initiative Doctoral Fellowships

The Harvard Mellon Urban Initiative invites doctoral students to apply for its Doctoral Workshop. Applications are open to advanced (post-generals) students from across Harvard working on any aspect of urban research (social, historical, environmental, etc.), broadly construed. The interdisciplinary group will provide participants with a venue to discuss works-in-progress such as a prospectus or dissertation chapter. Topics might range from literary representations to infrastructure systems, for example. We expect that, in a collegial and dynamic environment, participants will learn how to negotiate depth and breadth in their research, and become exposed to modes of inquiry that they might not otherwise encounter within their home disciplines.

Workshop participants will be appointed as the first cohort of Harvard Mellon Urban Initiative Doctoral Fellows, and will be eligible to receive up to $1,000 toward expenses related to dissertation research and professional development. The workshop is chaired by the Directors of the Urban Initiative, Professors Bruno Carvalho, Eve Blau, and Neil Brenner. The group will meet monthly during the academic year, over lunch whenever possible, and might include guest discussants. Papers will pre-circulate. Fellows are expected to be active in public events connected to the Urban Initiative, and to contribute to interdisciplinary discussions of theory and research in the urban and environmental humanities at Harvard.

2019-20 applications, consisting of a CV and a 500-word research statement, are due on September 23, 2019, to Elizabeth Doyle, edoyle@fas.harvard.edu.

Current HMUI Doctoral Fellows:
Joey Wallerstein