Sociology Courses 2022-23

TENTATIVE Internal Sociology Course Listings 2021-22. For the most up to date information, please see the catalog.

Fall and Spring (pdf) updated 08.29.22 TENTATIVE

Sociology Course Catalog (a listing of fall and spring Sociology courses)
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Here are videos from some frequently-offered courses in our department:

Student Leadership and Service in Higher Education taught by Manja Klemenčič (Spring 2020)  

Life and Death by Design (Sociology 1046) Professor Jason Beckfied, offered fall term on MW 12 in William James Hall 105.

Sociology in the Age of ‘Big Data’ (Sociology 1126) Professor Joscha Legewie, fall term MW 10:30 in Sever Hall 202.

Immigration and American Society (Sociology 1175) Professor Mary C. Waters, spring term on MW 9, room TBD.

Race and Ethnicity in Global Perspective (Sociology 1148) Professor Ellis Monk, spring term on TTH 1:30, room TBD.



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