Sociology Concentrators Working on Faculty Research Projects

Our undergraduates are part of an exciting and stimulating community of scholars who are at the top of their field and doing high-impact research.  The Sociology Department offers many opportunities for undergraduates to work on faculty research projects in a variety of capacities.  Research Assistant positions offer unique possibilities for intellectual growth, while giving students invaluable skills and experience.


Stephanie Wu

Stephanie Wu, Sociology, '19, working with Professor Orlando Patterson

"Working as a research assistant for Professor Orlando Patterson has been one of the best experiences of my college career!" Read more

Amira Weeks


Amira Weeks, Sociology, '18, working with Professor Frank Dobbin

"This project provided me with a first-hand look at how sociologists use data and models to produce conclusions." Read more

Rachael Stein

Rachael Stein, Sociology, 17, working with Professor Frank Dobbin

"I got to work directly with a professor on research that will have an incredible impact--both in the academic world and beyond. ...It was extremely rewarding to jump into a small team and conduct truly impactful research on a high-profile project. I was able to take things I was learning about in the classroom – organizations, businesses, inequality, discrimination, legal systems, and more – and see how these concepts interact in the real world."  Read more

Max Whittington-Cooper

Max Whittington-Cooper, Sociology '17, working with Professor Devah Pager

"This research project truly allowed me to break out of the 'Harvard bubble' and explore regions of Massachusetts that I otherwise would have never visited." Read more

Henry Gomory

Henry Gomory, Sociology '17, working with Professor Robert Sampson

"Working as a research assistant has been a wonderful learning experience. The task of re-purposing large amounts of government data has given me insight into how sociologists can leverage the incredible amount of information we all produce in this digitized "age of big data." Read more

Bryant Yang

Bryant Yang, Sociology '17, working with Professor Paul Chang

"This experience has helped me understand the rigor and application of academic research and truly value the very real implications of what I am studying as an undergraduate.” Read more


Pauline Ryan


Pauline Ryan, Sociology '17, working with Professor Devah Pager


"By the end of the semester I had built up an incredible amount of confidence in my ability to hold conversations and conduct interviews with perfect strangers." Read more

LeShae Henderson

LeShae Henderson, Sociology, '16, working with Professor Bruce Western

"Working with Professor Western has shown me what social science research is really like in practice. Reading about methodologies and how to go about collecting or analyzing data in a classroom setting is extremely different from the way things work in the actual world of research.  . . . One of the most enjoyable things was how involved I and the other undergraduates were in the data analysis and feedback processes." Read more

Arturo Nava

Arturo Nava, Sociology, '16 working with Professor Mary Brinton


"Working as a research assistant has provided me with an invaluable experience unlike any other." Read more.

Nafisa Eltahir


Nafisa Eltahir, Sociology, '15 working with Professor Michèle Lamont


"I've learned a lot about how research really works. Before this experience I almost had the impression that books and articles just fell from the sky, but now I know the nitty gritty details of how they are produced. I also have a deeper appreciation of this kind of collaborative work, and the value that comes from having a lot of different opinions weighing in on a project." Read More

Ian Lundberg

Ian Lundberg, Sociology and Statistics, '15 working with Professor Alexandra Killewald

"Doing research has helped me to better understand the field of sociology, and it has introduced me to a thriving community of researchers in our department and beyond." Read more

Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith, Sociology and VES, '15 working with Professor Bruce Western

"As a Video Projects Assistant, my role was to film the interviews and edit the footage for Western to use in presentations on the study.  Through our cross-discipline collaboration, Professor Western and I began to discuss ways in which visual arts and sociology can empower each other."   Read more

Yolanda Borquaye

Yolanda Borquaye, Sociology and Government, '14 working with Professor Michèle Lamont

"Working as a research assistant has provided me with an invaluable mentorship experience that just would not have been possible in the classroom...Working closely with [Professor Lamont] has enabled me to see how research for books and articles is actually carried out." Read more

Nelida Garcia

Nelida Garcia, Sociology, '14 working with Professor Mary Brinton

"Through our weekly research team meetings, I was also able to contribute to the theoretical framework, which sharpened my ability to think critically about the various lenses used to frame a research project. Furthermore, working with Professor Brinton made me more attuned to how data collection and analysis ultimately shape the type of conclusions that are drawn from the data. Thus, working as a research assistant to Professor Brinton was a wonderful opportunity to put my academic sociological training into practice..." Read more

Francesca Smith

Francesca Smith, Sociology, '14 working with Professor Bruce Western

"It has been so interesting learning about this large-scale and collaborative approach to research, and I have really enjoyed getting to know different members of the research team (such as sociology graduate students and full-time researchers) during our rides to interviewees’ homes!" Read more