Nina Gheihman

Nina Gheihman

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Nina Gheihman

Research Interests: food, status, comparative sociology

Nina Gheihman received both her undergraduate and Master’s degrees at the University of Toronto in Canada. Her dissertation examines how veganism, which has historically been a marginal practice, has recently become a popular lifestyle choice around the world. She is comparing veganism in three national contexts—the United States, France, and Israel—which represent three cases of medium, low, and high prevalence of veganism in terms of public consciousness and adoption at the individual level. Other current projects include an examination of the self-presentation of status in New York Times wedding announcements and how the sexual desirability of women is assessed in the context of high AIDS prevalence in Malawi (in collaboration with Margaret Frye, Princeton University). Nina is also the co-author with Lorne Tepperman (University of Toronto) of Habits of Inequality, published by Oxford University Press. She is an affiliate of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs and the Center for European Studies at Harvard University. 

Previous Degrees:
Honors BA and MA in Sociology (University of Toronto)

Canada Graduate Doctoral Scholarship (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council/SSHRC)

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