Sarah Rahman

Sarah Rahman
Sarah Rahman, '18
Medical School
Case Western Reserve University


I think sociology has broadened my horizons over the years. Highlights include my first sociology course, Professor Beckfield's "Death by Design", which underscores the many ways in which stratification of health services and outcomes occur in society and involved fascinating discussions on interventions to solve these important issues. Another highlight is my sophomore tutorial, which was incredibly difficult and a learning curve for my more hard science wired brain, but which taught me how to capture the essence of theory and apply it-if which in hindsight I'm glad I did (and shout out to my TF Miguel for amazing explanations of dense theory!)

I appreciate sociology's vast span of topics which allowed me to explore electives such as refugees and political sociology while maintaining a focus on health with most of my classes.

I am going to medical school at Case Western Reserve University. I was interested in medicine but wanted to explore beyond biology, and sociology helped me fulfill that by teaching me the social determinants of health. I think this will help me be a better clinician in the long run by helping me see my patient as a whole person, not just the disease they have.