Mi Do Choi

Mi Do Choi, '17
Bain and Company

What have been some highlights of your Sociology experience these past four years?

As nerdy as it sounds, I really enjoyed reading and talking about Durkheim, Weber, and Marx (soc 97). Through the class, not only did I have a chance to read the biggest philosophers and sociologists in the history, I was also able to write papers on how those theories can be observed empirically in life. I also had a chance to write about both US and South Korea. I felt like I was having the academic experience that I always envisioned having as an aspiring high schooler.

What are your post-grad plans and did sociology play a role in helping you select your job?

I will be working as a consultant at Bain and Company. During my interview process I talked a lot about how my academic interest, specifically in Economic Sociology, is very closely related to the work they do at Bain. Junior year, I worked at Restaurant Brands International (parent company of Burger King and Tim Hortons). And I applied and talked about how I was interested the American consumerism and taste affecting and being impacted by the tastes and culture of Eastern cultures and developing nations.