Louis Leblanc

Louis Leblanc
Louis Leblanc, '19
Communication Media Advisors
Management Consultant


The sociology department at the college played an important role in my experience at Harvard. As an older student coming back to the College, I was greeted by professors and staff that helped me transition to this new environment. The caring and enthusiastic professors are what make this department special. I was fortunate to take classes with Peter Marsden, Michele Lamont, Mary Waters and Ya-Wen Lei. These four individuals helped me figure out my plans beyond Harvard and provided me with a strong foundation for my educational and professional endeavors. Moreover, the sociology department allowed me to better understand and explore pertinent, sensitive, and engaging topics in multiple verticals of society. From immigration, to law, inequality, to media and organizational issues, these classes provided me with analytical tools (qualitative and quantitative) that serve me in my current job.

Currently, I work at a management consulting firm in Boston called Communication Media Advisors which focuses on the TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunication) industry. The extensive research methods developed during my time in the sociology department contributed to my interest in consulting and problem solving. The culmination of all my essays, research, problem sets and group discussions have given me the opportunity to learn in a fun and engaging environment. All in all, my classmates and professors made this experience very memorable and enjoyable.