Itzel Vasquez-Rodriguez

Itzel Vasquez-Rodriguez, '17
Itzel Vasquez-Rodriguez, '17
Peru, Fall 2017
California Assembly Fellowship, 2018-19
 Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry



What have been some highlights of your Sociology experience these past four years?

I absolutely love the sociology cohort. We are, on the whole, a supportive and well-meaning group- which is so refreshing at a place like Harvard! I loved my requirement classes in Sociology because I knew the people in the class would be awesome. I have also loved getting to know my Sociology TFs more; they have taught me so much about what graduate school is like in Sociology and they have been immensely supportive of me throughout my time here.


What are your post-grad plans and did sociology play a role in helping you select your job?

I am planning to go to Peru in the fall and work/volunteer with indigenous groups in the country for a year. I would've most likely picked this path either way. Sociology is broad enough for me that I was able to do whatever I wanted to do post-grad.