Center for American Political Studies (CAPS) Seed Grant

The Center for American Political Studies (CAPS) offers Research Seed Grants to support data collection, research-related travel, or expenses connected with making presentations at professional or scholarly meetings. Grants up to a maximum of $1,000 are available to cover expenses of data collection or travel to obtain research materials; grants up to a maximum of $500 are available to help cover costs of travel to present a paper at a professional meeting or research conference. Students are limited to a total of two of these seed grants over the course of their time at Harvard. CAPS Research Seed Grants are reviewed twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. The review deadlines for the 2019-20 academic year are: October 11th, 2019 and March 2nd, 2020. No exceptions will be made to these deadlines. Email your applications to:

2019: Allison Daminger
2019: Hanna Katz
2019: Andrew Keefe
2019: Abigail Mariam
2019: Ethan Raker
2019: Jared Schachner
2018: Victoria Asbury
2018: Kristina Brant
2018: Bo Yun Park
2018: Jared Schachner
2018: Mo Torres
2017: Robert Manduca
2017: Jasmin Sandelson
2017: Mo Torres
2016: Laura Adler
2016: Kristina Brant
2016: Carly Knight
2016: Nathan Wilmers
2015: Asad Asad
2015: Jonathan Mijs
2014: Asad Asad
2014: James Biblarz
2014: Matthew Clair
2014: Katie Derzon
2014: Kelley Fong
2014: Barbara Kiviat
2014: Carly Knight
2014: Jonathan Mijs
2014: Nathan Wilmers
2014: Alix Winter
2014: Xiaolin Zhuo
2013: Hope Harvey
2013: Anthony Jack
2012: Asad Asad
2012: James Biblarz
2012: Katie Derzon
2010: Anthony Jack
2009: Laura Tach
2009: Van Tran
2008: Christopher Muller
2008: Sabrina Pendergrass
2008: Eva Rosen
2007: Sara Sternberg Greene
2005: Sabrina Pendergrass