Kelley Fong

Kelley Fong

Doctoral Student in Sociology & Social Policy
Kelley Fong

Research Interests: Poverty and inequality; social policy; family life; education; child welfare.

Kelley Fong is a doctoral student in sociology and social policy. Her research interests center around how low-income families and communities interact with social policies, systems, and supports. She received a B.A. in American studies and in history from Stanford University. Her undergraduate thesis used in-depth qualitative interviews to explore homeless parents’ interactions with their children’s schools. Before coming to Harvard, Kelley spent two years at MDRC, contributing to research on community college reforms, and two years working on child welfare system reform efforts. She also has volunteer experience working with homeless families, youth in foster care, and self-represented litigants in housing and family law clinics. 

Previous Degrees:
B.A., American Studies and History, Stanford University, 2009


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