Ngozi Musa

Ngozi Musa
Ngozi Musa, '19
Beauty Marketer

The highlights of my sociology experience these past four years has been being able to take very though provoking and interesting classes that have lead me on my path to my current career. Some of those classes include: Identity, Inequality, and Social Media, Sex, Gender, and Sexuality, and Media and Popular Culture. Senior Fall I had the great opportunity to do an independent study under Jocelyn Viterna and it was such an eye opening experience! I was able to create my own field of study and do research that interested me. For my independent study, I studied Sex, Sexuality, and Hooking up at Harvard within the black community. Although there has been a lot of sociological research done on the hook up culture, there is research lacking when looking at the hookup culture within the black community. I conducted interviews and wrote a capstone paper at the end of my study and it was truly enriching and an amazing experience.

Another highlight of my sociology experience has been interacting with the professors and the administrators in the department. Everyone is so willing to help you and truly wants to see you succeed in all your endeavors.

Post-grad, I am moving to New York to work at L'Oreal as a beauty marketer in their marketing management development program. Sociology played a major role in helping me select my job. Through sociology, I learned my passion for people and studying about different identities that intersect to make people who they are. In my Identity, Inequality, and Social Media class sophomore year, I learned about the collective identity and what that looks like on social media and beyond. As an audience on social media, we Instagram the way the people around us and in our social network Instagram. In marketing, I study the collective identity and analyze how people buy: what they buy? why they buy it? and if people around them buy as well? Before you can understand the consumer or the audience, you must understand people and Sociology has helped me to understand people.