Kate Gehling

Kate Gehling
Kate Gehling, '19
Research Analyst
Center for Effective Philanthropy

My sociology experience had two main highlights: the amazing range of courses I was able to take, and the fantastic research opportunities that I was afforded. Sociology truly has an amazing array of professors that teach a huge range of topics, and I loved that every semester I got to learn about something entirely new (but all through the same sociological framework). Similarly, I was able to conduct research for course credit and complete an incredibly fun and informative thesis my senior year. Both experiences provided me with close faculty mentorship and great research skill development.

I work as a Research Analyst at the Center for Effective Philanthropy. We conduct a variety of research projects (using both quantitative and qualitative methods) about the ways that philanthropic funders and nonprofits interact, all in the hopes of providing comparative data that will make funders more informed and effective. My research experiences in the department showed me that I love research and led me to seek out research jobs after graduation.