Organizational Behavior

Elizabeth Hansen

Elizabeth Hansen

(Organizational Behavior, May 2019)
Thesis Title: Institutional Leadership, Innovation, and Organizational Change During Technical Transitions: A Study of Digital Transformation in Public Radio
Committee: Michael L. Tushman (Chair), Leslie Perlow, Julie Battilana, Christopher Winship, and Chris W. Anderson
Initial Placement: Research Fellow, The Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
Emily Irving

Emily Irving

Doctoral Student in Organizational Behavior

Research Interests: Organizations; Economic Sociology; Culture; Work and Employment; Technology; Belonging and Community; Inequality; Qualitative Methods; Ethnography... Read more about Emily Irving

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Won Yong (Jerry) Kim

(Organizational Behavior, June 2006)
Thesis Title: Network of Audiences: FDA Review Time and Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry, 1990-2004
Committee: Peter V. Marsden (Chair), Joel Podolny, Daniel Carpenter, Lee Fleming
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Management, Rutgers Business School... Read more about Won Yong (Jerry) Kim


Paul Myers

(Organizational Behavior, June 2007)
Thesis Title: Strategic and Operational Autonomy in the Governance of Multiparty Ventures
Committee: Rosabeth Moss Kanter (chair), Robin J. Ely, Peter V. Marsden
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor of Management, Simmons School of Management, Simmons College
Current Position: Business Educator and Senior Lecturer, Simmons University School of Business

... Read more about Paul Myers


Lisa Haueisen Rohrer

(Organizational Behavior, November 2004)
Thesis Title: Mergers in Professional Service Firms: A Large-Scale Analysis of How Law Firm Mergers Shape Attorney Careers and the Use and Retention of Human Capital
Committee: George P. Baker, III (Chair), Rakesh Khurana, Peter V. Marsden, Ashish Nanda
Initial Placement: Senior Vice President, Sterling Research Group
Current Position: Director of Learning US, EMERITUS Institute of Management... Read more about Lisa Haueisen Rohrer


Sameer Srivastava

(Organizational Behavior, May 2012)
Thesis Title: Social Capital Activation during Times of Organizational Change
Committee: Peter V. Marsden (Co-Chair), Toby E. Stuart (Co-Chair), Frank Dobbin, J. Richard Hackman, and Roberto M. Fernandez (MIT)
Initial Placement: Associate Professor, Management of Organizations and Harold Furst Chair in Management Philosophy and Values, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
... Read more about Sameer Srivastava

Elliot Stoller

Elliot Stoller

Doctoral Student in Organizational Behavior

Research Interests: Government bureaucracies; socioeconomic interest groups; network analysis; regulatory rule making; justice; public policy; quantitative and qualitative methods... Read more about Elliot Stoller

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