Organizational Behavior


David Laurence Ager

(Organizational Behavior, June 2004)
Thesis Title: Getting to Know You, Getting to Know all About You -- Or Not! How Boundaries, Belongingness, and Toxic Emotions Impede Interaction and and Coordination: A Study of Post-Acquisition Integration at a Software Firm
Committee: Nitin Nohria (Chair), Leslie A. Perlow, Peter V. Marsden, Joseph L. Bower
Initial Placement: Lecturer on Sociology, Harvard University
Current Position: Senior Fellow; Managing Director, Executive Education, Harvard Business School, Cambridge, MA
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Ahmmad Brown

Ahmmad Allan Brown

(Organizational Behavior, May 2022)
Thesis Title: Three Papers on Black Student Well-being in HWCUs: Social Capital, Belonging, and Identity
Committee: Frank Dobbin (Co-Chair), Lakshmi Ramarajan (Co-Chair), and Alexandra Feldberg
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor of Instruction, School of Education & Social Policy, Northwestern University (effective Fall 2022)


Linda Eling-Lee

(Organizational Behavior, June 2005)
Thesis Title: Conspicuous Consumption: A Theory on Producers' Quality Ideals
Committee: Joel Podolny (chair), Peter V. Marsden, Kathleen L. McGinn
Current Position: Managing Director, Global Head of Research, MSCI, Private Equity International

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