The cluster on inequality brings together work in a variety of fields -- on health, education, incomes, housing, families, organizations and meaning making in the United States and beyond. Joined by an interest in the stratifying effects of institutions, culture, political power and history, the Harvard research program exerts a large influence on the sociological analysis of social and economic inequality. In many cases Harvard faculty have set the terms of debates on race and class inequality, and trends in poverty and inequality in the United States over the last half century. Through its connections to the Inequality and Social Policy program, and the Kennedy School, faculty have also been vitally involved in expanding opportunity and improving welfare for the most disadvantaged in American society.

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Protestors at Boston Women's March

Equality in Theory and Practice

January 23, 2017

Our graduate students were among the 175,000 attending the Women's March in Boston on Saturday, January 21.

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