WJH and Department Resources

Building Issues

The Center Office located in the Basement of William James Hall (B-12) oversees building issues in WJH.  Bill Santoro (wjs@wjh.harvard.edu) manages building facilities and services (A/V, classrooms, keying, mail, parking, security, telephone installation etc.).

IT Issues

Call or email the HUIT Help Desk (5-9000, ithelp@harvard.edu) to troubleshoot & resolve hardware, software and email issues and to specify/set up/install new systems, printers, hardware and software. 


The department fax number is 617-496-5794 and the fax machine is located in 676.  Please feel free to use the machine at any time. Fax Cover Sheets are next to the fax machine. When you receive faxes, we will place them in your mailbox and email you.


The department copier is located in 676.  No special code or card is needed. There are also copiers in the basement of WJH and on the 14th floor that can be used if the copier in 676 is out of order.  Use of these copiers requires a copy card, which may be signed out of the Finance Office.


The Center Office (5-3801, B-12 WJH) will issue you a key to your office and will program your ID number into the system so you may have access when the building is locked.  If you plan to be here after 5:00 p.m. you may also obtain a key to 675-676 from the Center Office to use the fax or copier after hours. Contact Jessica Gauchel (jgauchel@fas.harvard.edu) for key permission.

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Locked mailboxes for all faculty and staff are located in the center of the sixth floor of William James Hall. If you are assigned one of these, see Odette Binder at reception (675 WJH, obinder@fas.harvard.edu) to obtain a key. Graduate student mail boxes are found in the fifth floor computer lab.

Incoming Mail

Mail is delivered around 11:30 a.m. Monday-Friday.

Outgoing U.S. Mail

There is a mail drop slot on each floor (for #10 sized envelopes). Larger items may be put into the drop box on top of the sixth floor mailboxes, or put into the mailbox next to the mailroom on the 1st floor. Pickup is 5:00 p.m. daily Monday-Friday.

UPS/Fed Ex

UPS and Fed Ex packages are delivered twice a day (with the regular mail and later in the afternoon) and will be put in your mailbox or office. A Fed Ex drop off box is located in the lobby of William James Hall.  Pick-up is daily at approximately 7:00 p.m. Domestic and International forms/boxes/envelopes are located in the copier room (676).  If you are away from the office and need to send a package, you can use the Department account for a negotiated discounted rate. Contact Dotty Lukas (dlukas@wjh) for the...

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Office Supplies and Furniture

Small amounts of commonly used supplies as well as letterhead and envelopes are kept in the copier room (676).  If you need specific supplies, please place an order with Odette Binder (obinder@fas.harvard.edu). Toner cartridges and other supplies will be billed to your Dean's Account.   When request toner cartridges, please e-mail Odette with the brand and model number of your printer.  If you need furniture for your office, please speak first with Jessica Gauchel (jgauchel@fas....

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To apply for or renew a parking permit visit the website of the Harvard Parking Office.  You may also contact the Center Office for a one-day permit for the WJH lot.

Seminars and Workshops-General

The news and events section of our website has information on workshops, seminars, and the Sociology Colloquium series.


Faculty members or their staff may arrange travel directly with Harvard Travel (496-8000) or by using Egencia at https://www.expediacorporate.comFirst time users should consult the Harvard Travel website. Harvard Travel can bill costs directly to your Harvard accounts or Corporate MasterCard if you wish. If you use your own credit card, travel cannot be reimbursed until after the...

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Travel - Harvard Travel Assist

Harvard Travel Assist provides medical and security advice and referrals and emergency evacuation services to Harvard faculty, students, and staff traveling outside the U.S. on University-related business. To ensure access to these services, it is crucial that all international travel be registered in the Harvard Travel RegistryTo obtain more informational about the program and to print a card, please visit the...

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