First Things First

Identification Card

Your ID card can be obtained from the Campus Service Center on the 8th floor of Holyoke Center (located at 1350 Massachusetts Avenue).  The ID card allows you to use the Harvard University library system, to enter William James Hall after hours, as well as access various other University facilities. 


Benefits choices outlining the various medical, dental, disability, and flexible spending plans along with application forms can be found at, the Harvard Employee Personnel website.

Office Keys and Building Access

A key to your office may be obtained from the Building Operations (Center Office) located in(B-12 William James Hall, basement level.  They will also program your ID number into the WJH security system for access to William James Hall after hours.  If you need a key to use our copier or fax after hours, you may also obtain a key to 675-676 from the Center Office.