Urban Poverty and the City

Police Violence and Citizen Crime Reporting in the Black Community

October 11, 2016

In a new study, published in the current issue of the American Sociological Review, I investigate how publicized cases of police violence against unarmed black men — most prominently the 2004 beating of Frank Jude by white police officers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin — affected 911 calls in Milwaukee. Coauthored with fellow sociologists Andrew Papachristos (of Yale) and David S.

Urban Data Lab (SOC 313)

Professors Robert Sampson and Mario Small are organizing a small lab to support research by students and post-docs examining a subset of topics regarding the urban condition in the 21st century. Students enrolled in the lab must be working on one of the following datasets: the Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods, the Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Survey, the project on Twitter Data and Human Mobility, and the project on Alternative Measures of Resource Access in Poor Neighborhoods.

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2016 Mar 24

Ryan Wang, Robert Manduca, Rob Sampson, Mario Small: A Tour of Urban Science Projects

4:30pm to 6:00pm


William James Hall 450

Urban Social Processes Workshop presentations by Ryan Wang (Postdoctoral Fellow), Robert Manduca (PhD Student), Rob Sampson (Professor), Mario Small (Professor) Boston Area Research Initiative and Harvard Sociology.


"Inequality is Not Invisible: Connecting Variations in Architecture with Criminal Behavior," Nikhil Naik, PhD Student, MIT Media Lab