Patricia Ann Banks

Patricia Ann Banks


(Sociology, June 2006)
Thesis Title: Art, Identity, and the New Black Middle-Class: How Elite Blacks Construct their Identity Through the Consumption of Visual Art
Committee: Lawrence D. Bobo (chair), Michèle Lamont, and William Julius Wilson
Position: Associate Professor of Sociology, Mount Holyoke College

Patricia A. Banks (Harvard University P.h.D. & A.M./Spelman College B.A.) is a sociologist whose research program lies at the intersection of culture, consumption, and markets. In 2018-2019, Banks will be at Stanford University as a CASBS Fellow. With a focus on the African Diaspora, she studies the determinants, consequences, and meanings of cultural consumption and the processes underlying the emergence and growth of cultural markets. Some of the topics she explores are the bi-directional relationship between art collecting and identity, structural and cultural explanations of museum philanthropy, and the influence of consecration on the art market

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