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Stefan Dimitriadis

Stefan Dimitriadis

(Organizational Behavior, November 2019)
Thesis Title: Entrepreneurship and the Institutional Environment of Developing Markets: Three Studies about Entrepreneurship in Togo
Committee: Julie Battilana (Chair), Metin Sengul, Rembrand M. Koning, and Peter V. Marsden
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, The Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Mazen Elfakhani

(Sociology, November 2017)
Thesis Title: The Emergence of the On-Demand Economy and its Significance for Workers
Committee: Christopher Winship (Chair), Orlando Patterson, and William Julius Wilson
Initial Placement: Associate at McKinsey & Company, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Anny Fenton

Anny Tazio Fenton

(Sociology, May 2019)
Thesis Title: Sex and the Pediatrician’s Office: Using the HPV Vaccine to Explore How Sexuality Shapes Healthcare Experiences and Medical Decision Making
Committee: Jason Beckfield (Chair), Alexandra A. Killewald, and Tey Meadow
Initial Placement: Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Outcomes Research & Evaluation, Maine Medical Center Research Institute, Portland, ME