Manja Klemenčič

Manja Klemenčič

Lecturer on Sociology

Research Interests: International and comparative higher education; sociology of higher education; politics and policies of higher education; student agency; student campus employment; student administrators; student representation; academic profession; student-centred learning and teaching.


Klemenčič’s three staple courses at Harvard, all of which qualify towards Secondary Field in Education Studies, are:


  • SOCIOL 1104 Higher Education: Institutions, Inequalities, and Controversies (trailer), a research-intensive undergraduate seminar introducing sociology of higher education
  • SOCIOL 1130 Higher Education Policy and Service: On Campus and Beyond (trailer), an Engaged Scholarship lecture course specifically designed for students in service and leadership roles at Harvard
  • GENED1039 Higher Education: Students, Institutions, and Controversies (forthcoming in Fall 2019)

She has been voted one of the favorite professors of the Class of 2019 (Harvard Yearbook Publications).


Currently, Klemenčič is working on three publications: an undergraduate textbook Introduction to Higher Education, a monograph Student Power through Politics and Service, and an edited volume Routledge Handbook on Student-Centered Learning and Instruction. She is also a member of the global research network APIKS – Academic Profession in the Knowledge Society.


Her academic service comprises the roles of Editor-in-Chief of European Journal of Higher Education, Co-Editor of the Bloomsbury book series Understanding Student Experiences of Higher Education and Thematic Editor of the Springer Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions. At Harvard, she is a Co-Chair (with Professor Julie Reuben and Professor Louis Menand) of the Mahindra Center Seminar Series entitled: Universities: Past, Present, and Future.


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