John M. Towey

John M. Towey

Doctoral Student in Sociology
John M. Towey

Research Interests: Economic Sociology; Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility; Organizations, Occupations, and Work; Political Economy; Political Sociology; Quantitative Methods; Social Movements and Collective Behavior; Theory

John Towey is a Doctoral Student in Sociology. He is interested in the relationship between social networks, government, and social movements in the production and modification of market institutions. John is further interested in how this process affects and is affected by social inequality and mobility.

John’s previous research has examined the extent to which policy and culture affect perceptions of the credibility of organizational leadership in labor markets in the United States. He has also assisted in research measuring the non-profit employment effects of regional variation in public policy. In addition, John has been assisting NSF-funded research on racial tracking in Bay Area high schools. 

Previous Degrees:
B.A. in Sociology with a Minor in Demography, University of California, Berkeley

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541 William James Hall

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