Social Demography (SOC 3323)

The Social Demography Seminar at the Center for Population and Development Studies provides a lively forum for scholars from across the university to discuss in-progress social scientific and population research. Social demography includes work that uses demographic methods to describe and explain the distribution of social goods across populations. The Social Demography Seminar thus welcomes presentations on a wide variety of topics such as family, gender, race/ethnicity, population health--including mortality, morbidity, and functional health--inequality, im/migration, fertility, and the institutional arrangements that shape and respond to population processes. The long-term goal is to build a broad and multidisciplinary community of social demographers at Harvard.

Faculty Sponsors                                          

Jason Beckfield, Lisa Berkman, Mary C. Brinton, Christina Cross, Elyse Jennings, Alexandra A. Killewald, Mary C. Waters, Joscha Legewie, and Xiang Zhou

Workshop Coordinator     Lesley Harkins, Program Assistant, 
Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies
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