Odette Binder

Odette Binder

Operations and Event Coordinator

Responsibilities: Manages the front office and coordinates departmental events.

Schedule:  M-F 9-1:30, except T 9-5

William James Hall, 6th Floor
33 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-495-3812

Irene Bloemraad

(Sociology, June 2003)
Thesis Title: Achieving Full Citizenship: An Institutional Approach to the Political Incorporation of Immigrants and Refugees in the United States and Canada
Committee: Theda Skocpol (Chair), Mary C. Waters, Lawrence D. Bobo, Jeffrey Reitz
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, University of California at Berkeley
Current Position: Professor, Department of Sociology University of California, Berkeley
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Deirdre Bloome

(Sociology & Social Policy, May 2014)
Thesis Title: Essays on Economic Mobility and Inequality in the United States
Committee: Bruce Western (Chair), Christopher Jencks, William Julius Wilson, and Jason Beckfield
Initial Placement: Assistant professor of Sociology/faculty associate at the Population Studies Center and Survey Research Center, University of Michigan
Current Position: Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
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