Shira Zilberstein

Shira Zilberstein

Doctoral Student in Sociology

Research Interests: Culture, political-economy, inequality, urban poverty and the city, theory, epistemology

Shira Zilberstein is a doctoral student in sociology. Originally from Amherst, Massachusetts, she earned a BA in sociology and history from Northwestern University in 2018. Her research interests focus on the relationship between culture and political-economy, urban studies, theory and epistemology. As an undergraduate, she conducted an ethnographic, interview and archival based study about the relationship between grassroots art networks and the political-economy of urban development in a gentrifying, Mexican-American neighborhood in Chicago. Her research embedded art networks within urban systems in order to analyze their role in using and defining urban space. Shira continues to be interested in how space and groups are delineated, sameness and difference are negotiated, and the implication of group boundaries on intergroup inequalities and interactions. Additionally, Shira works on two ongoing projects: the first is about narratives of hope and the politics of recognition, and the second is about how international organizations rhetorically utilize global norms to create global power hierarchies.

Previous Degree:
BA, Sociology and History, Northwestern University

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