Ohjae Gowen

Ohjae Gowen

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Ohjae Gowen

Research Interests: Family, Social Demography, Inequality and Social Mobility, Wealth Inequality, Quantitative Methods

Ohjae Gowen is a doctoral student in Sociology. He received his BA and MA from Seoul National University, both in sociology. His research interests center on the intersection of work and family. One line of his research examines how the labor market structure and economic uncertainty influence family formation. Another line of his work investigates the economic consequences of family behaviors, including those of parenthood. Before coming to Harvard, he studied East Asian societies, particularly South Korea, and he is extending his research into the U.S. context. He is the recipient of the scholarship funded by the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies.

Previous Degrees:
MA in Sociology, Seoul National University, August 2017
BA in Sociology, Seoul National University, August 2015

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584 William James Hall

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