Minjin Chae

Minjin Chae

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Minjin Chae

Research Interests: Family, Gender, Work and Employment, Social Demography, Quantitative Methods

Minjin Chae is a Doctoral Student in Sociology. She received her BA in History Education and Business Administration from Seoul National University. She completed her MA in sociology from the same institution.

Prior to Harvard, she examined how conflicts between traditional gender roles and emerging egalitarian ideas were exacerbating the family crisis in South Korea. As a PhD student, Minjin plans to continue exploring the relationships between gender-based norms, institutions, and family demographic behaviors in consideration of ongoing labor market transformations. She is particularly interested in identifying the opportunities and risks brought by rising employment flexibility and insecurity for the family and their variations shaped by gender, class, and race. 

Previous Degrees:
BA in History Education and Business, Seoul National University
MA in Sociology, Seoul National University

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