Michael Zanger-Tishler

Michael Zanger-Tishler

Doctoral Student in Sociology & Social Policy
Michael Zanger-Tishler

Research Interests: Sociology of Punishment, Criminology, Race, Ethnicity and Migration, Quantitative Methods, Comparative-Historical Sociology


Michael Zanger-Tishler is a PhD student in Sociology & Social Policy. He is interested in understanding the relationship between ethnoracial division and the criminal justice system in a comparative context, specifically looking at the United States, Israel, and France. As an undergraduate, he wrote his senior thesis on criminal justice contact among diverse populations using an original survey and coauthored an article entitled "The Great Decoupling: The Disconnection Between Criminal Offending and Experience of Arrest Across Two Cohorts" with Vesla Weaver and Andrew Papachristos. Prior to beginning the PhD program, he was a CASA Arabic fellow in Amman Jordan (2018-2019) where he studied Formal and Levantine Arabic and worked as a volunteer translator for the International Refugee Assistance Project.


Previous Degrees:
BA in Ethics Politics and Economics and Modern Middle East Studies, Yale University

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