Mari Sanchez

Mari Sanchez

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Mari Sanchez

Research Interests: Race & Ethnic Relations; Immigration; Inequality & Stratification; Social Movements; Cultural Sociology

Mari Sanchez is a Doctoral Student in Sociology. Mari is interested in exploring how perceived threats and opportunities shape identity and interethnic solidarity. She hopes to answer questions like: How do we mobilize underrepresented groups under a collective identity without triggering status threat? Is there a cultural “Thucydides Trap” that guarantees some sort of status threat? How can we reframe competing agendas to mitigate perceived threat?

Before graduate school, Mari worked 9 years in the advertising world where she specialized in understanding how culture and identity shape consumption. While working, Mari spearheaded a study of the Latinos who voted for Trump and the role that status threat played in their identity formation and political views. She graduated with highest honors from the University of Notre Dame, where her undergraduate thesis examined how a local community coalition struggled to articulate a compelling narrative that could motivate and unify its diverse constituents.

Previous Degrees:
B.A. in Sociology (honors) and Latino Studies, University of Notre Dame (2010)

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