In Jeong Hwang

In Jeong Hwang

Doctoral Student in Sociology
In Jeong Hwang

Research Interests: Aging; Family; Labor Markets; Demography; Social Stratification and Inequality; Quantitative Methods

In Jeong Hwang is a Doctoral Student in Sociology. In Jeong received her B.A. from UC Berkeley and M.A. from Yale, both in Economics. Her research interests center on inequality and intergenerational relationship in aging societies. In her undergraduate thesis, she examined intergenerational relationship in an intra-household setting in South Korea, and in graduate school she researched intergenerational tension in Japanese politics.

As a doctoral student, In Jeong plans to study intergenerational competition in globalized labor markets and incorporate discussions of gender and work-family issues in East Asian societies. 

In Jeong has previous work experience as an analyst at Charles River Associates and as a postgraduate associate at the Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics. 

Previous Degrees:
B.A. in Economics, University of California, Berkeley
M.A. in Economics, Yale University

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