Laura Adler

Laura Kremen Adler

(Sociology, May 2022)
Thesis Title: From the Job's Worth to the Person's Price: Pay-Setting, Gender Inequality, and the Changing Understanding of Fair Pay
Committee: Frank Dobbin (Chair), Michèle Lamont, Jason Beckfield, Peter V. Marsden, and David Pedulla
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, Yale School of Management (effective Fall 2022)

Ahmmad Brown

Ahmmad Allan Brown

(Organizational Behavior, May 2022)
Thesis Title: Three Papers on Black Student Well-being in HWCUs: Social Capital, Belonging, and Identity
Committee: Frank Dobbin (Co-Chair), Lakshmi Ramarajan (Co-Chair), and Alexandra Feldberg
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor of Instruction, School of Education & Social Policy, Northwestern University (effective Fall 2022)

Allison Daminger

Allison P. Daminger

(Sociology & Social Policy, May 2022)
Thesis Title: Thinking Gender: The Cognitive Dimension of Household Labor
Committee: Alexandra A. Killewald (Co-Chair), Jocelyn Viterna (Co-Chair), Michèle Lamont, and Kathleen Gerson (New York University)
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Sociology Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison (effective Fall 2022)... Read more about Allison P. Daminger

Jasmine Olivier

Jasmine Nicole Olivier

(Sociology, May 2022)
Thesis Title: Reimagining Public Safety: Transformations in Collective Efficacy and Community Control in Boston Public Housing
Committee: Christopher Winship (Chair), Robert J. Sampson, Monica C. Bell (Yale Law School), and Rod K. Brunson (University of Maryland)
Initial Placement: Researcher at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago (effective Fall 2022)

Bo Yun Park

Bo Yun Park

(Sociology, November 2021)
Thesis Title: Is (S)He Presidential? The Changing Scripts of Political Leadership, 1995-2020
Committee: Michèle Lamont (Chair), Jocelyn Viterna, Bart Bonikowski (New York University), and Jennifer Hochschild (Department of Government, Harvard University)
Initial Placement: Postdoctoral Scholar, Social Science Data Lab (D-Lab), University of California, Berkeley
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Sociology and Leadership Studies, University of Richmond (effective Fall 2022)
Cresa Pugh

Cresa L. Pugh

(Sociology & Social Policy, May 2022)
Thesis Title: ‘Guardians of Beautiful Things’?: The Politics of Postcolonial Cultural Theft, Refusal, and Repair
Committee: Orlando Patterson (Co-Chair), Jocelyn Viterna (Co-Chair), Peggy Levitt (Wellesley College), and Zine Magubane (Boston College)
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor of Sociology, The New School, New York, New York (effective Fall 2022)
... Read more about Cresa L. Pugh

Nathan James Robinson

Nathan James Robinson

(Sociology & Social Policy, May 2022)
Thesis Title: Hostile Territory: Mobilizing Resources and Finding Opportunities in the Contemporary U.S. Democratic Socialist Movement
Committee: Lawrence D. Bobo (Co-Chair), Bart Bonikowski (Co-Chair, New York University), and Christopher Winship
Position: Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Current Affairs (2015-present)
Adam Silver Travis

Adam Silver Travis

(Sociology & Social Policy, May 2022)
Thesis Title: Towards a Landscape of Rental Housing Ownership: Legal and Spatial Characteristics of Residential Landlords in the United States
Committee: Robert J. Sampson (Chair), Matthew Desmond (Princeton University), and Mario Luis Small (Columbia University)
Position: Associate, Abt Associates, Cambridge, MA

Tom Wooten

Tom Wooten

(Sociology, May 2022)
Thesis Title: Precarious Mobility: Trying and Failing to Get Ahead in the 21st Century
Committee: Mary C. Waters (Chair), Jocelyn Viterna, and Mario Luis Small (Columbia University)
Initial Placement: Harvard College Fellow, Department of Sociology, Harvard University (effective Fall 2022)

Fangsheng Zhu

Fangsheng Zhu

(Sociology, May 2022)
Thesis Title: Education, Inequality, and Intensive Parenting in China
Committee: Orlando Patterson (Chair), Christopher Winship, Ya-Wen Lei, and Elizabeth Perry (Department of Government, Harvard University)
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor of Sociology, Duke Kunshan University, Kunshan, Jiangsu, China... Read more about Fangsheng Zhu