Emma Bedell Bogler

Emma Bedell Bogler

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Emma Bedell Bogler

Research Interests: Cultural sociology, social network analysis, media studies, computational text analysis, political sociology, inequality, economic sociology

Emma Bedell Bogler is a PhD student in Sociology at Harvard University. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Emma completed her undergraduate degree at Columbia University in 2016, where she majored in Sociology and Economics. Her undergraduate work in Sociology involved the use of computational text analysis on media texts to investigate how broad cultural discourses evolve around certain events. As a graduate student, Emma intends to focus her work at the intersection of cultural sociology and social network analysis. She remains fascinated the role of media in the construction of culture, and is drawn to the notion of truth as a both a commodity and a collaborative project, produced and reproduced by patterns of social relations between creators and consumers of media products.

Previous Degrees:
BA from Columbia University, February 2017

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