Elisabeth Brooke Harrington

Elisabeth Brooke Harrington


(Sociology, November 1999)
Thesis Title: Dollars for Difference: The "Diversity Premium" in Investing Organizations
Committee: Peter V. Marsden (Chair), David John Frank, Lotte Bailyn
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, Brown University
Current Position: Professor of Sociology, Dartmouth College

Who creates change in markets and other financial institutions? My research for the past 15 years has investigated this question in a variety of empirical domains.I am an economic and organizational sociologist by training, with an empirical focus on finance. My latest book for Harvard University Press concerns an elite occupational group within finance and its impact on international law and stratification. Previously, my research examined the effects of diversity and decision-making processes on the performance of investment groups. I'm interested in how things get done--what social actors actually do in their daily lives--and how that aggregates to the macro-level of financial markets, culture and political institutions. My work intersects with the literatures of political economy, anthropology, social psychology and behavioral finance.

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