Elena Ayala-Hurtado

Elena Ayala-Hurtado

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Elena Ayala-Hurtado

Research Interests: Cultural Sociology; Inequality and Stratification; Comparative Sociology; Gender; Race

Elena Ayala-Hurtado is a Doctoral Student in Sociology. Elena’s primary interests lie in cultural sociology, as well as its intersection with inequality. She is interested in the dissemination of culture at the micro level and the role of narratives in culture—both fictional narratives, as in novels, and more amorphous cultural narratives, such as the narrative of how to achieve success. 

Before starting graduate school, Elena worked as a secondary school English teacher in Madrid for two years, first on a Fulbright grant and then through the Spanish government. She graduated with honors from Stanford University, where she wrote an interdisciplinary undergraduate thesis about the relationships between middle-class women and their female servants in Victorian Britain, as well as their representations in two forms of Victorian printed writing—novels and domestic advice manuals.

Previous Degrees:
B.A. in Sociology (honors) and English (honors), Stanford University (2014)

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