Dong-Kyun (DK) Im

Dong-Kyun (DK) Im

(Sociology, March 2014)
Thesis Title: Attitudes and Beliefs about Distributive Justice in China
Committee: Martin K. Whyte (Chair), Christopher Winship, Jason Beckfield, and Bart Bonikowski
Initial Placement: 
Assistant Professor, Department of Urban Sociology, University of Seoul
Current Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Seoul National University

Dong-Kyun Im is an assistant professor in the department of sociology at Seoul National University. He was previously an assistant professor in the department of urban sociology at the University of Seoul. He has a broad interest in social psychology, political economy, comparative sociology, and social theory. His current research interest focuses on how historical-institutional contexts and psychological mechanisms interact with one another to influence individuals' attitudes toward economic inequality, social welfare policies, and distributive justice. He is also interested contemporary Chinese society, the role of technology in the capitalist mode of distribution, and the motivational basis of social action. He received his BA and MA from Seoul National University and his Ph.D. from Harvard University (2014).

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