Daniel Alain Evrard

Daniel Alain Evrard

Doctoral Student in Sociology
D A Evrard

Research Interests: Political Economy; Economic Sociology; Political Sociology; Globalization and Regionalization; Labor Processes, Markets, and Movements; Stratification and Inequality; Urban Development and Poverty; Sociology of the Law; Theory; Mixed Methods

Daniel Alain Evrard is a PhD student in Sociology at Harvard University. A native of Springfield, Massachusetts, D. A. served six years in the United States Air Force as a C-130 Crew Chief, separating from active duty with the rank of Staff Sergeant. Following his service, D. A. attended multiple community college systems before he arrived at the University of Arizona, where he became the first person in his family to earn a Bachelor’s degree. His overall research efforts as an undergraduate student were aimed at investigating the decline of the organized labor movement in the United States and its ensuing effect on the structure of American income inequality. He later synthesized these findings in order to better understand how such labor market transformations have altered the socioeconomic conditions of the urban "barely-working class." While at Harvard, D. A. maintains a strong interest in studying the flow and distribution of capital, the impact of these processes on labor market dynamics and on methods of urban development, as well as their cumulative effects on the daily lives of working-class people. In doing so, he plans to utilize a mixed methodological approach that will allow him to relate structural processes to the socioeconomic milieu of those most directly impacted by such underlying societal currents. 

Previous Degrees:
BA in Sociology, The University of Arizona, 2018

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