Clem Aeppli

Clem Aeppli

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Clem Aeppli

Research Interests: Wealth & income inequality; labor; capitalism; race & racial inequality; social theory; epistemology; cognition

Clem Aeppli is a PhD student in Sociology. Clem is interested in how race, wealth, and labor intersect to form systemic inequality in the United States. He aims to study how race and work are imagined, and how these imaginations perpetuate on-the-ground inequality. In pursuing these interests, Clem is fascinated by what social theory has to say about the constructions of race and labor, and by the quantitative and empirical tools that sociologists have developed to examine stratification.
Before starting graduate school, Clem worked as a full-time research assistant to Professor Nate Wilmers at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. There, he used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to study the role of workplaces and occupations in structuring income inequality. He received a BSc in Sociology and a BA in Mathematics from Brown University in 2018.

Previous Degrees:
BSc in Sociology & BA in Mathematics, Brown University, 2018

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