Cierra Robson

Cierra Robson

Doctoral Student in Sociology & Social Policy
Cierra Robson

Research Interests: Social dimensions of technological advancements, the carceral logics animating surveillance of racialized populations, the ethics of technological solutions to social problems, the imbalance between innovation and equity, political economy of emerging technologies for social good

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Cierra Robson is a doctoral student in the Sociology and Social Policy program. She holds a BA in African American Studies from Princeton University, where she specialized in studies of race and public policy and pursued a minor in Technology and Society.  Prior to beginning her Ph.D program, Cierra worked with Facebook on their Digital Rights Operations team, researching ways that the company could operationalize new international laws protecting the rights of users online. Broadly, she is interested in the ways in which technological advancements both reinforce and revolutionize the American racial order. She tends to ask how modern public-private collaborations both solidify and make profitable existing power hierarchies. Her most recent project explores how governments collaborate with private companies to surveil racialized populations. She aims to use her research to conceptualize what meaningful regulation of Big Tech looks like.

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AB African American Studies Princeton University

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