Cierra Robson

Cierra Robson

Doctoral Student in Sociology & Social Policy
Cierra Robson

Research Interests: Racial Inequality, Crime and Punishment, Technological advancements, AI Ethics, Data Justice, Public-Private Collaboration, qualitative methods, law and society

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Cierra Robson is a doctoral student in the Sociology and Social Policy program. She is the Inaugural Associate Director of the Ida B. Wells JUST Data Lab at Princeton University, where she guides research teams in partnership with community organizations to explore how data can be retooled for racial justice. She is also a Malcolm Hewitt Wiener PhD Research Fellow in Poverty and Justice and a Berkman Klein Center Assembly Fellow. She holds a BA in African American Studies from Princeton University, where she specialized in studies of race and public policy and pursued a minor in Technology and Society.

Broadly, her research explores the ways in which technological advancements both reinforce and revolutionize racial inequality in the United States, particularly within the criminal justice system. She tends to ask how modern public-private collaborations both solidify and make profitable existing power hierarchies. Her most recent project explores the companies that make predictive policing and surveillance technologies and the impact these tools have on practices of policing and experiences of criminalization in marginalized communities in the United States.

Previous Degrees:
BA in African American Studies (High Honors) with minor in Technology and Society, Princeton University (2019)

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