Aleksei Opacic

Aleksei Opacic

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Aleksei Opacic

Research Interests: Economic inequality and intergenerational mobility; education; causal inference; sociology of politics

Aleksei Opacic is a PhD candidate in Sociology and a Harvard-Kennedy Scholar. Driven by his own socio-economic background, Aleksei wants to understand why economic inequalities exist, change over time, and are intergenerationally transmitted. In particular, he hopes to study the causal factors underpinning inequalities in socioeconomic attainment, especially those related to education and schooling, and to develop methodological tools that can be used to unpack these mechanisms. Before starting at Harvard, Aleksei worked as a policy researcher at a London-based think tank and as a research assistant at Oxford, where his on-going projects explore class-based electoral behaviour and micro-level political accountability.

Previous Degrees:
BA in Human, Social and Political Science, King’s College, University of Cambridge, 2018
MSc in Sociology, University of Oxford, 2019

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574 William James Hall

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